The Broken Hipsters were founded in 2013 when Dan Randant and Mike Newman (AKA Lucky Dan and Naked Mike) decided their acoustic duo needed low end and time. This concept of a rhythm section resulted in the addition of Dave Torretta on bass and Mark Rogers on drums, resulting in The Broken Hipsters.

There is probably a couple hundred years worth of music between the four members. Fairchild, The Lucky Dog Band and The Heaters are just a few of the bands The Broken Hipsters passed through to reach this point. All sing, all have distinct vocal signatures and the result is a song list that covers about any genre you can imagine. Beatles, Motown, Grateful Dead, Doors, Hank Williams, Dylan and a lot of songs that just show up. Harmonies break out. Music is made. It sounds pretty damn good.

There is also Broken Hipster original music and an impending recording of such at Dave’s Casa del Torretta studio, tucked away on The Hill in St. Louis.

So if you like live music that sounds like a pirate radio station you stumbled across playing songs all across the musical spectrum, The Broken Hipsters will do nicely.